Pandoro del Cardinale

Home-made Pandoro with a Core of Visciolata del Cardinale.

"Sour-cherries at the oven heat. A sweeter Christmas…"

Product name Pandoro del Cardinale
Ingredients DOUGH: type “0” wheat flour, sour-cherry juice, butter, whole milk, egg yolk, water, sugar, natural yeast, albumen, fructose, salt, flavourings, honey, cocoa butter.

STUFFING: Visciolata del Cardinale, sour-cherry juice, sugar, pectin.
Allergens Wheat flour, butter, milk and milk products, eggs, sulphites.
Sizes Gr.750 / Gr.500 / Gr.100
Expiry and preservation 3 months after production. Store in cool places.

Cantine del Cardinale