Gin + Incanto

Gin with pure visciola (wild cherry) juice.

Gi as Giselle, Gi as sister, Gi as “I thought this for you, Luca for Gi

Cinnamon, housewife but exotic at the same time; cacao with an intense but delicate flavor; juniper, spicy and bitter; and visciola (wild cherry), with a rare but enchanting taste.
This is the harmonic symphony that gave life to our GI Cardinale. For a mens sana in corpore sano.
A unique antidote capable of restoring body and mind. The last magic touch is given by INCANTO, pure visciola (wild cherry) juice that gives colors and intensity to your cocktail. Just a few drops and you can cast your spell!

Technical sheet
Product name Gi Cardinale – Gin Incanto – Pure visciola (wild cherry) juice.
Ingredients Visciola, Cacao, Vaniglia, Ginepro, Cannella (Gin) – Visciola (Incanto).
Bottle size 70 Cl (Gin) – 5 Cl (Incanto).
Alcohol content 44,3% vol (Gin) – X (Incanto).

Cantine del Cardinale