Giannì - Acquavite di Visciola Barricata

The typical marks of Ammalia are conveyed and enhanced in Giannì: a barrique spirit and unique worldwide since it is the first sour-cherry spirit aged for three years in the fine cherry-wood barriques, which are specifically created for the purpose.

Such precious type of wood, by intensely and slowly enveloping the spirit, gives it all its properties, not modifying the scents like other types of wood do. Our Ammalia goes amber-coloured, the smooth and deep taste is enhanced, and the airy scent is very fruity. The alcohol content is at 42%. The production counts 465 numbered bottles.
This barrique spirit should be served in small, smooth crystal glasses to enjoy its purity. It doesn't need specific pairings, since it can be considered a meditative spirit.


""Ammalia was born in 1999. The intuition is to be attributed to a man who wanted to dedicate it to his spouse, bringing Dante into that, believing that His Paradiso was contained into that bottle and with that name. Now, after three years of ageing, held in the strength and elegance of cherry-wood, that feeling couldn't help but last forever, unique and invaluable just like their being as ONE. By opening a bottle, beside smelling the aromas and the unique scents, it is like to hear a voice shouting: Giannì!"

Product name Giannì Acquavite di Visciola Barricata
Ingredients Sour-cherries and grape
Size 50 Cl - 465 numbered bottles
Processing method At the end of the must fermentation, most of the wine is stored in stainless steel barrels to produce the sour-cherry wine; instead, the bottom of the barrel, together with sour-cherries residuals and grounded stones, is destined to the production of the spirit AMMALIA.
Distillation method: steam bain-marie, discontinuous method. The fine liqueur deriving from it has an alcohol content of 75°. Ammalia is then stored in cherry-wood barriques for three years; the resulting product is diluted with spring water from mount Nerone. It finally reaches an alcohol content of 42% vol.
Alcohol content 42% Vol
Serving temperature 13-16°C

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